In order to satisfy the different needs that exist in the national market, our strategy is based on a multi-format operation that helps to adapt to the purchasing needs of each region, making the shopping experience more pleasant, personalized and complete.

Our hypermarket stores have an average sales area of 7,000 m2. We have a wide assortment and variety of goods in our different departments, including clothing, general merchandise, groceries, produce and prepared foods. We also offer a high level of personalized service to the customer.

It has an average sales floor of 2,500 m2 where we give our customers a comfortable and efficient shopping experience in daily consumption products with the best quality.

A basic, but pleasant store in which we offer our customers low prices and the most attractive discounts through an average sales floor of 5,000 m2, we have an optimized assortment in clothing, electronics and appliances, groceries, produce and prepared food with the guarantee of the best price.

We offer everything necessary to satisfy the basic needs of the rural and urban regions where we are present with this format. We provide an optimized assortment in all departments, offering very attractive prices in an average sales floor of 1,500 m2.

This is our recently created e-commerce platform in which we offer a different assortment than the one we have at our stores. We have a wide variety of items within the categories of electronics, computers, health, beauty, sports and toys.

Price Club provides our members the most value for their membership, offering different types of products in institutional and multi-package size presentations, aimed to for businesses or high consumption families. We have a sales floor of approximately 8,000 m2 that include the following departments: groceries, food, automotive, sports and exercise, entertainment, news, hardware, home and garden, among others.

This format focuses on providing solutions to our customers' construction projects, in addition to meeting their home improvement and decoration needs.