Through Web Service automatically or Soriana line, who answer the notification or rejection of your electronic invoice, so in case of errors, it is necessary to do the following:

a) If you do not have a Service Bureau and you issue the electronic invoice directly, you must correct the XML file of the electronic invoice and delay the document until the answer is ACCEPTED.

As of January 1, 2010, we request the electronic invoice issued through Web Service, which becomes the only means to guarantee payment in due time and manner.

In the economic aspect: reduction of paperwork (tax receipts, mail, fax, etc.), savings in physical space (storage costs), savings in courier services, no duplication when capturing information (accounts receivable, accounting and sales, etc.), more efficient issuance and review, in addition to providing agility in the collection process.

In the operational aspect: invoice issuance, tracking of invoiced information, time reduction in certain administrative processes, efficiency and security in the exchange of information, dynamism in the receipt of goods.

Indeed, all suppliers qualify, as long as they make the necessary arrangements with the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Through the Web Service and automatically, you can initiate tests, where you will receive an "online" APERAK of acceptance and rejection, for technical assistance we certified the supplier SCI. (

It depends on the way you deliver your goods:

• Delivery at Cedis Secos: The CFD must be issued before the merchandise is delivered.

• Delivery at Cedis Frescos and/or Cedis Almacén Central: The CFD must be issued once The appointment has been made and before the merchandise is delivered.

• Direct store Delivery, with order placed on the INTERNET (at truck foot): The CFD must be issued before the Delivery of the Merchandise.

• Direct store delivery, with merchandise assortment Daily/Open (on the truck): the CFD must be issued once the acknowledgement of receipt is published on the Soriana website (statement).

• Freight bill: once you have the shipment slip published in your statements, you must send the electronic invoice.

The CFD Receiving Web Service is an online service, which sends an APERAK containing the status of the electronic invoice.

If the invoice has any error or does not comply with the tax requirements, an acknowledgement of rejection (APERAK) will be sent.

The payment is published in the Soriana Supplier Portal.

The goods receipt process will not suffer any change.

The payment process with electronic invoice will not change.

Once the corresponding tests are concluded, notice will be given of the start of the live and/or productive project.

It is the XML with the format indicated in this guide.

Through Web Service.

You will receive the document called APERAK, which will be sent through Web Service. In the Soriana Supplier Portal in Account Statement when you click on Item Held there is a link to:

We inform you that as of today we have not received your electronic invoice for the deliveries made in our stores, which is why payment is not being scheduled, please send your invoice through the Web Service.