Our main engine is a team of over 86,000 people who day by day put all their effort in offering the best results, with a service-oriented attitude and promoting the families’ well-being and our country’s progress.

In the great Soriana family we live vicariously through our values, propelling personal and professional development of each and every one of our associates, guaranteeing the sustainable growth of our Company, the development as people and the impulse to the communities where we are located.

Talent development is one of our most important tasks, which is why we train leaders through a Leadership Center that aims to prepare employees to meet the challenges of the future. We also have on-site and online training programs, which strengthen the development of technical skills of our employees to better perform their duties, reinforce their professional training.

We invite you to join our great work team. We are permanently present at job fairs of educational institutions, job boards and business promotion forums, as well as in different digital job search engines and business networks.