We met Oscar Alvídrez Tarango at Expo Agro Chihuahua 2014 as a producer of Sandía, where he was given the opportunity to sell his product in 4 stores in Chihuahua, thanks to his quality and price, he expanded to 31 stores in early 2015. He currently has presence in 588 stores nationwide.

As a supplier, Oscar presented us with a proposal for healthy products considered vegan, which was accepted to launch in stores in Chihuahua and Guadalajara. Thanks to the acceptance of customers, today Oscar competes with international brands such as the rice biscuit and the rest of its products.

Since joining Soriana, he has generated 37 jobs in the plant, administration and sales area.


Marco Tirado Gabilondo attended the Veracruz SME Fair in 2011, the same year that he entered Soriana as a supplier. In a short time, thanks to the good performance of the product, it was reached in 52 stores of the Hyper and Super formats. Due to the geographical dispersion of the stores, it was not possible for him to adequately attend his exhibitions and he had to reduce the number of stores.

After 2 years you are contacted with the City Club shopping area and thanks to the good movement of the product in this format, you are given the opportunity to display your products in all our price clubs. It is currently supplying all units of the City Club format and at the end of 2017 it expanded its product to 350 Soriana stores of the Hyper and Super formats with the presentation of 500 gr and in some stores with the 1 Kg.

Since joining Soriana, he has generated 12 direct and 40 indirect jobs for promotoria personnel.